Pick my poison? I’ll have all three!

So, these have been trying days for Leya.

ImageSunday evening, Leya gets a fever.  This picture was taken with Laura literally minutes before the fever started.  As I explained previously, the origin is probably just a side effect of neutropenia (low blood counts), but because infection is so dangerous, the doctors treat her as if she has a bacterial infection.  The drug of choice is Cefepime – a broad spectrum antibiotic.

Well, guess what?  Leya’s having a pretty severe allergic reaction to the Cefepime.

Could the rash be Graft versus Host Disease?  No.  GVHD will not appear until (at the earliest) Leya’s counts begin to recover.  Her ANC is ZERO, but that number will ultimately get up into the 2500 – 3000 range.  That’s typically when we start to see what the donor stem cells are doing inside Leya’s body.

So, right now, Leya has nausea, a fever, and she looks like she has the measles.  Fortunately, they are alternating benadryl and atarax for the allergic reaction and tylenol for the fever.  The nausea is being controlled by atavan and zyprexa.  In any event, she’s knocked out from all the drugs.

Because of her fever, the nurse will be invading our room about every hour. I’ll wear a cute little eye mask, but that doesn’t block the sound. Why don’t I wear ear plugs? I’m paranoid Leya will need me, and I won’t hear her.

Leya’s parents arrived in town last night, and they’re sating at the apartment. They’ve been keeping me company. Tonight they brought a wonderful homemade meal – my first in a while. For now, we’re sitting here and waiting for better days.


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3 Responses to Pick my poison? I’ll have all three!

  1. Carol Schacht says:

    Praying for you Leya. Better days will be here soon. Love you!

  2. Cathy says:

    You are the Strongest Family I have ever known. Leya will get better soon and you will all be together.

  3. Star Mariano says:

    Chip Leya could not have a better person by her side I love you both so much and know that all will be well before you know it I love you

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